• a clean working bay separation
  • extraction hood with filter catridge
  • movable inlet hood
  • self-supporting inserted celling
  • ATEX-high power illumination
  • MSM-Video
a clean working bay separation
a 3-side working bay separation with moveable transparent curtain
extraction hood with filter catridge
In a ceiling rail movable extraction hood, incl. filtration system
movable inlet hood
The inlet hood uses the loss warmth from the workshop for an optimal painting temperature
MultiSpeedMaster Arbeitsplatz
GrundflŠche 7 x 5 m
self-supporting inserted celling
The basic framework is the self-supporting inserted ceiling with 4 stand supports for taking up all needed installation material.
ATEX-high power illumination
Integrated perfect illumination of the working bay by ATEX high power lighting

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